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Prostretch and Footflex

Posted by Rosalind on 12/05/99 at 00:00 (013381)

I use both Prostretch and Footflex. I like them both a lot, and in fact, I am moving and am living in a house for one week with absolutely no furniture, but I kept my Prostretch and Footflex unpacked and with me.

I stand on the Prostretch and rock back to stretch my calf muscles. It is like the feeling you get when you stretch standing on a step, but I find it more effective. I do it with my shoes on. I got the device many years ago after I broke my foot (same foot as pf foot).

The Footflex bends the toes up while doing the runners stretch and that is a very good combination for stretching the fascia gently. When I massage my own foot, I also bend my toes back and simultaneously stroke the arch with two knuckles or my thumb. Holding for 30 seconds on the Footflex is all you have to do, but it is best to do it as many times a day a possible. A few days, I have been disciplined enough to do it once an hour. The more frequently I do it the better I feel. But even once a day helps.