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Re: Stop running, start resting, read up on Scott's main page

Posted by Robin on 12/06/99 at 00:00 (013403)

Frank -- there will probably be people who agreed and who disagreed with your podiatrist. I certainly am in the latter group. I have never heard a doctor or even a podiatrist say to re-injure and re-tear the fascia every day and have it repair itself to get stronger. Quite honestly, I think that's the lamest thing I have ever heard, and I think you are going to be in major trouble if you don't stop running, start resting, icing, and following other remedies that may work for you. Also, I would suggest you stop walking barefoot, even around the house. If you already wear orthotics, then you know the importance of support for your feet.

Best advice is to read Scott's main pages if you haven't already, and read the archived message board messages to get some creative ideas. One creative idea that comes to mind is to locate a new podiatrist.