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Posted by Annette G on 12/06/99 at 00:00 (013425)

Thank you for the kind message Hank, it is just amazing how one little thing can change a persons life so drasticaly. I have been thinking running for so long, I just don't know how to adapt....but I am getting there. So you do triathlons,thats great! I have done a few , but I really need some work in the swimming dept. I keep telling myself that this is a perfect time for me to brush up on my swimming and biking, but I guess that I have been too busy with the 'poor me' thing right now. I have finally decided though, to forget about the running for a while, it has been 5 days and I havent pounded the pavement, trails or even treadmill.
This aircast that you mentioned sounds pretty interesting, I really hope it helps you........and if it does....then you'll just have to let me know about it! please keep me informed.
your girlfriend sounds like quite a special person, just reading what you have told me makes me feel ashamed for being such a whiney little brat, she sounds like such a strong person, who has overcome so much, and is embracing life regardless of her misfortune. I am sure that she has been a very big inspiration for you also, you are very lucky. My husband just thinks that I am nuts, and I need to get a grip, well.....maybe so, it probably would be nice to think about or do other things once in a while, besides running all over creation! HMMMMM.
thanks again for the kind note and info,