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Posted by VLJ on 12/07/99 at 00:00 (013444)

Yes, my orthotics have helped tremendously, BUT IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU GET YOUR DOCTOR TO COMMIT TO DO EVERYTHING NECESSARY TO GET THEM TO FIT RIGHT!!!! I threw away two pair then in desperation INTERVIEWED other podiatrists until I found one who said yes, he would commit to adjusting the orthotic until he got it right FOR THE ONE INITIAL PAYMENT. According to this doctor and my nephew who is now in podiatry school, it is very important to get the initial casting of the foot right and this is the doctor's responsibility. There are different theories, but according to my nephew's school, the cast should be taken with the patient lying on his/her stomach, which is what my doctor did.

My dr ended up putting in additional padding in the heel and elevating the arch area with extra SOFT padding over the rigid orthotic on one foot, etc, etc, etc. ALSO he can have Birkenstocks made to your custom cast. Don't be shy getting the doctor to commit up front to what he or she will and won't be willing to do for all that money...AND inquiring about the different types of orthotics he can make and the benefits of each type Work with him/her, don't just expect him/her to magically come up with a perfect fit the first time...it rarely happens!