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My shoe advice/sucess (Teva Sandals and certain Justin Boots)

Posted by Kim B. on 12/07/99 at 00:00 (013459)

Birkenstocks were too hard for me. I bought some New Balance Running shoes, which are Ok, but my feet will hurt if I've been in them all day. Whick still makes them better than many of my other shoes, of course.

Then real success... For around the house, I wear Teva Hiking Sandals (with socks when it's chilly). I wear them 'out and about' when the weather is warm, of course. They are sooo comfey and kind to my sprus, from day one, and 6 mo later still holding up. Worth every penny.

With winter coming on (kind of...) I knew I needed some heel spur friendly closed toe shoes, so the hunt was on. I took a chance based on a few (non-spur persons) recommendations regarding how comfortable Justin Boots, STOCK NO. 00991, were. They look like hiking boots, not cowboy boots. Sure enough, they are great, I can last all day in them. They come distressed looking and look great with jeans. I got mine at Western Wearhouse. Any Justin dealer will have them. BTW ladies, I have such a wide foot that the men's, in a smaller size, was more comfortable for me. So keep that in mind when you try them on. Good luck to all.