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More comments on TTS

Posted by wendyn on 12/13/99 at 00:00 (013686)

Alan, went away to make dinner and was thinking about your post...so I have ANOTHER post for you (sorry for yapping on and on, but your doctor's attitude struck a nerve with me (hee hee?))

You say you got him to agree that it was TTS. This sounds like you went in with the suggestion that it might be, and he concurred? If so, I think you've already proven that you're your own best doctor. Maybe he should have paid you for doing all the research and coming up with the diagnosis? I would think that he should have been able to figure it out on his own, or at least come up with it as a possibility. If he can't diagnose it, how does he think he can treat it?

Ultimately you must make the decision on how you're going to handle this. Be careful with your new machine, that nerve is easy to irritate - I've had trouble driving a car and using a bike - things a lot of people with foot problems can do without trouble. Take it slowly and pay close attention to how your body responds.

Your experience with your doctor today and his insistence on surgery brought a Monty Python episode to mind, I think it's called The Search for the Holy Grail - when they're all fleeing and yelling 'RUN AWAY - RUN AWAY!!!!'

Take care, I think I'm finished now.