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Posted by john h on 12/15/99 at 00:00 (013774)

i certainly agree with most post that surgery should be a last resort and not be considered until you have had the problem for at least a year and tried all else. however i do think that surgery should not be ruled out forever and that you have to confine yourself to limping for the rest of your life. the success rate for surgery by most accounts is somewhere between 70-80%. although there are stories of surgery making the problem worse from all i read most studies indicate they are rare. i am not suggesting that anyone have surgery but to not be scared away by horror stories and relegate your life style to much less than you would like. i opted for surgery and it is to early to know the final results but i am glad i made the choice because i could not go on forever knowing that I may have been cured by surgery. my feet are better than before surgery and i hope for further improvement. it is a tough personal choice for each of you but do recognize that most surgeries are successful and do not make you worse. choose a surgeon wisely very wisely!