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Don't buy from REI

Posted by Bill on 12/17/99 at 00:00 (013837)

Just FYI...
Don't by the green superfeet inserts from REI. I just recently purchased my second pair of green inserts because the first pair were too small. Both pair though have a problem. When you walk on them, the foam under the heel pulls away from the plastic form and makes a loud noise which is very irritating. I emailed superfeet and they said they did find a defect in them where the glue wasn't holding the pad down very well in the heel and would replace rei's stock. They told me to send them back for a replacement. REI tells me they won't replace my inserts because I have trimed them to fit my sho. I told them they should replace because they are defective and there is now way to tell this without putting them in your sho and wearing. The sad part is the second par felt pretty good. I just didn't like the foam pulling noise on each step I took. I'm seeing if superfeet will help me out. I'll keep you posted if something good comes out of this.