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Computer Analyzes Your Foot Pain

Posted by Scott R on 12/17/99 at 00:00 (013859)

I've been quietly hinting about what could become a big part of the database: a computer program that considers your symptoms and history and sends a response when you complete the form. For example, if the calculated dorsiflexion angle is less than 15 degrees, it would highly recommend stretching. The amount of analysis it could conduct is endless. I'll do a first version of the program sometime and let the message board sugest changes/additions so that I can bill it as a 'let fellow sufferers respond to your questionnaire answers.' This provides incentive to fill the form out correctly and completely. Imagine the amount of data that can be collected. Maybe as many as 30 responses a day. That's 10,000 responses in a year. There's nothing like that data collected anywhere. Then maybe I could expand to fibromyalia.... and other conditions traditional medicine fails at. Once the system is perfected at heelspurs.com, just copy the programs and format over.