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Re: questions

Posted by michael s on 12/17/99 at 00:00 (013866)

12 years or 1 year, this is a lousy thing to live with. Actually, I do have 'morning' pain - great stiffness/cramping that is much relieved by stretching and a heating pad. And I typically have a small window of time when walking before my feet start to ache. I put 'all' under when I have pain because I always have a feeling of tension and discomfort in my feet even when it's not very painful. I find this condition exhausting because of that. I've never had a period of complete relief, but I have had weeks or even a couple of months where the pain/discomfort seemed less cumbersome. That may be a pyschological rather than a physical change, I don't know. Like you I certainly have (pretty) good days and awful days, and for periods during almost every day my feet can feel quite good. Usually rainy days are guaranteed to be bad. I would say don't worry, though - the response I've had from my many doctors suggest the duration of my pf is quite rare.