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Posted by michael s on 12/17/99 at 00:00 (013868)

Dr. O'Connor is a chiropractor. I think he's fine and his price is obviously kinder, but if you can afford it I'd go with whomever is most highly recommended. Then again I don't know if this super-massage is really going to do any good - so far I find it helps the feet feel more relaxed, but doesn't stop the walking/standing pain from coming. The one thing I would say about David is that we had a good chat about what pf is, how ART might help, etc. He's articulate and knows his theories. And he did not bs me, saying that he didn't know if ART would help me at all. My length of time with this and the fact I've had two previous surgeries told him I had plenty of scar tissue, and so he recommended 10-12 treatments before even re-evaluating my condition. I'm kind of surprised if Tony is suggesting that ART is a routine step in the post-Ossatron recovery. That's not I think what he suggested to me, but simply thought it would be good for me, again, because of my particular history. I don't find that there's been a heck of a lot of consistency between what various people at the Sports Med Clinic have said, which bothers me some. And I'm surprised if they thought you were progressing well, since I thought you'd had no real change at all. I was told post-treatment was likely to be a rollercoaster, with some days of good relief, and I don't think either of us have had any of those.