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Re: ART work

Posted by michael s on 12/19/99 at 00:00 (013921)

My chiropractor is David O'Connor in Toronto.I've had pf for twelve years and twice tried surgery, so it makes sense when he says I have a large amount of scar tissue and a mess of adhesions. I'm getting 10 treatments (which will finish this week)and then try and figure out if they've helped. As I've posted before, David presses down very deep with his thumb and then slides along for a bit in different directions. He also works a little on loosening up my calf, but the area of concentration is the bottom of the heel, along the line of fasica that was previously cut in surgery.He often ends the thumb-dragging there, and man is it painful. While so far I find my feet become more relaxed in the hours after treatment, like you I have doubts about any long term benefit.