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Thank you for the lecutre

Posted by wendyn on 12/22/99 at 00:00 (014047)

Thank you to all of you who lectured me on taking the pain in my wrists seriously. Had the ergonomics person come to the office yesterday, they are ordering me a new desk (almost 3 inches lower), new chair (one I can actually touch the floor in) and a new mouse. Had to see my GP today about my wrists, and sure nuff - he thinks it's carpal tunnel syndrome, along with some problem in another nerve, the one that goes to my baby fingers. Told him I don't want either of those things, and I just have no more room in my life for any more medical problems in addition to my feet. He just ignores me. He ordered some of the standard blood work...and I wanted to remind the good folks here that these are fairly standard tests that should be done if you're having pain and numbness in your feet (or hands).

RH factor (to rule out Rhematoid arthritis)
Glucose (to check for diabetes)
Can't remember the name of the test, I think it's nucleur antibodies something - to check for Lupus.
Vitamin B12 (low can cause numbness)
Thyroid (low can cause problems with extremeties too).

It's always important to rule out other things when you're looking at problems with the feet. Apparently a number of systemic problems will make themselves noticed in the feet first.

I will have to get motivated and try this chat thing...might not be able to type messages if it gets really bad!!!Right now it's more of an annoyance than anything, they certainly don't hurt like my feet do.

Anyway, for those of you who are new to foot pain - blood work is something that you may want to make sure to bring up with your doctor if they haven't already done it.

I hope for a Merry Christmas for all of you! Keep your stress to a minimum, keep smiling and don't let the little things get to you...all the best...! :)