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Searching and Searching for the one who can help

Posted by VLJ on 12/23/99 at 00:00 (014075)

I, too, have thrown away several pairs of orthotics that the drs could never get to fit right and lost all the money that entailed. For what it is worth, here is how I finally found a doctor to help me: Out of desperation I finally sat down with the yellow pages and called all of the ones I hadn't been to yet, told the receptionist a brief story about being unable to walk and frustrated with X amount of doctors I'd already seen and wished to interview the doctor before I made an appointment. The ones who refused (only one) I crossed off the list. I asked very pointed questions and if he/she would be willing to do what ever it took (short of surgery) to get them to fit right. I finally found someone who listened to and answered all my questions respectfully and he has helped me get a good pair of orthotics.(MY intuition told me I needed orthotics and yes, after the dr got them fitted correctly tomy foot, they have been a godsend).