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Re: support from this board

Posted by Nancy S. on 12/29/99 at 00:00 (014185)

Yes, Robin, I agree that the psychological support coming from this board is probably as important as the wealth of foot pain info. I'm lucky in that I have a very understanding husband. But there's nothing like reading about and communicating with fellow PF people -- I'll never forget getting the first few replies to my first post, back around December10. Felt like I'd been touched with a magic wand or something and suddenly stopped feeling so isolated. As I've gone through back messages, I see that every once in a while, not too often, some people get sarcastic or cranky and there's some kind of dust-up; this is probably inevitable as an occasional thing. I would hate to see it become common, but I don't foresee that -- most people here seem kind and generous and responsive, and a good laugh sometimes really helps too. I find myself checking in here, even if just to read, several times a day! This is likely to happen for some time, since I'm on a fairly serious rest period for the next three months! Thanks for your good wishes, and back to you too. -- Nancy S.