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Re: more on low-carb diet

Posted by Nancy S. on 12/29/99 at 00:00 (014195)

Alan, you have gathered a lot of info. and I find your thoughts on this thought-provoking. I understand your holding out on strict diet and acupuncture, as things to try in the future and that give you possible hope for a later time. Makes sense to me -- plus if we do everything at once, it's impossible to tell which is helping and which is not. Interesting on food allergies -- in the last few years I've gotten very red in the face when having my two glasses of wine, and now that I'm becoming more conscious I remember wondering if that was a bad sign (not that it stopped me).
I am planning a stricter diet than it may sound like from my posts (actually I've already begun it but must get to the store right away -- and I'm not sure my foot is up for that today! Will make do with what's here until I get there).
Although no one has claimed to be completely better from a nonstrict low-carb diet, I see that Robin has experienced a lot of improvement over time, which she attributes to low carbs (nonstrict) and Birks (I got them as soon as I found this board and they began reducing my pain immediately -- I'm won over, 100%). And Robin is now taking walks on the beach! -- something I couldn't even think of doing right now.
Anyway, I am eliminating dairy products. Will fill you in on other aspects when I'm really up and going with this.
Nancy S.