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Ossatron re: 11 weeks(right heel) 9 weeks (left heel)

Posted by Mohez on 12/31/99 at 00:00 (014281)

Hi all

This was a pretty good week. I have definitely noticed a marked improvement on my right heel. How much is hard to say, because unlike Jenn, I still cannot do any physical activities, due to my left heel. Although i can stand and walk around much much longer before the pain kicks in. I would have to say that the right heel is at least 35% better, not where i would like it to be,but 35% improvement is no bad. My left heel is very much like my right was at 9 weeks- sore. I have started my ART ( active release therapy ), should be called active release torture, the best way to describe it is EEEEEEEOUCH. The chiropractor wants to do 6 sessions, twice per week. I am to see Dr. Galea in two weeks time, for him to see my progression. I would very much like to try some hard running just to see how my feet react, but i think i will wait until my left heel is feeling at least like my right one is, before i do any hard running. Should be an interesting next few weeks.

To all my buddies in PF land, have a real good new millenium.