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Posted by Tammy M. on 1/01/00 at 00:00 (014289)

Thanks for all your advice, and Happy New Year to all of you. Guess maybe I wasn't to specific earlier...it is a walking cast that is removeable, its black. My Dr. says that if all the massaging and stretching and excersing isnt working that it's probably due to my calf muscles being to short and that those things never will help then, so I need surgery. Actually, I've cut my hours down to half a shift and the rest of the shift is sit down duty and my heel, ankle, and knee haven't been nearly as hurtful at night. The one thing that the cortizone shot in my heel did help with, was that stabbing pain I had daily, several times a day and night. I dont miss those! I have read the articles here, and they have been very enlightening. My question is, if my muscles are too short,why now? Im 37 years old and never had problems before, except shin splints if I walked alot.
Hope I'm not boring you guys, but I have no one else...people just dont seem to understand, unless they have been there.