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Thanks Nancy

Posted by Nicole V.R. on 1/02/00 at 00:00 (014321)

Thank you so much. I just took the test and scored 122 - I 'probably' suffer from yeast overgrowth. I noticed most of my high scoring answers were related to depression, which I just started treatment for, such as concentration, memory, etc. So, I think I'll wait and take the test again later and decide if I want to make these diet changes then. I think it is something I will bring up with my doctor when I see him for a check up next week. Also, diet is a very hard thing for me to control. I'm very overweight even though I know my foot pain would be reduced significantly if I wasn't. Hopefully my treatment for depression will help with this, too. Sorry I'm a little off the subject. Thanks again for responding to my question!