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Wendyn, please read.

Posted by Darlene W. on 1/04/00 at 00:00 (014382)

Wendyn, several months ago you answered my post about a bone scan, etc. My bone scan show blood pooling and was suspect of a fracture. My doctor said it all went along with PF. Your input is very informative! My foot (left) continues to get worse. My EMG and NCV (done 1 week ago) were positive for TTS. My dr wants to operate but I am holding off. I want to get gather more info. I asked if he thought a MRI would be helpful to further diagnose what the heck is wrong -- but the doc said he didn't feel that was necessary and that a MRI doesn't show nerve damage very good. Any suggestions? Thanks for your input. Darlene W.

P.S. He did tell me that one can have TTS and an EMG will show negative. But when it does show positive, it means you have it pretty bad. How encouraging!!!!