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Posted by Lori S on 1/04/00 at 00:00 (014384)

I had 4 treatments of acupuncture on my non-surgeried foot. It seems to have helped as my foot does not hurt any more. She put needles in my legs, calves, and the top of my foot and ankle. I was very pleased with the result. Sure there were a couple of needles that made me jump but that was because there was a lot of problems in that area. After a few moments, the soreness went away in these areas. I believe she is NCAA? certified? (can't remember the acronym) My insurance paid 70% if the acupuncturist is certified. I think it's important to try acupuncture before resorting to surgery. I might have been able to stave off the surgery if I had tried it on both feet. Who knows?
Lori in Az