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Ossatron-12 weeks on right heel & 10 weeks on left heel.

Posted by Mohez on 1/09/00 at 00:00 (014514)

Hi all, sorry i posted later than usual. It has been the full 12 weeks on my right heel and i can honestly say that i have had very little substantial improvement. I have improved to the tune of 25% max. As for the left heel, it has improved slightly more than the right, to the tune of about 40% better than pre ossatron. I can honestly say that i am really dissapointed in the procedure as far as the results go so far. I was expecting much better results by now - say 75% improvement. I am to see Dr. Galea on tuesday - hopefully he has answers. I am still going for ART - and it is painful as ever- but boy does it feel good when he stops- ha ha ha. Janet if you are reading this - i hope the ossatron works for you - it seems to have worked well on others. Rekha don't despair - i still think you should go for the ossatron.