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heel spurs may be a natural evolution of the stress but it's the inflammation in the softer tissue that causing PF.

Posted by dang dave on 1/11/00 at 00:00 (014618)

I think that's the general consensus from what I've read and the nurse practitioner that gave me that good shot of cortisone. (He sure knew where to put it and he told me about the problems which are near the heelspur but not the heel spur itself.

My x-ray showed a rounded ridge extending from the heel bone but not the sharp pointed heel spur shown in several illustration on this web site and elsewhere.

The soft tissue of the plantar fascia tears with stress and gets inflammed and scar tissue develops which makes it harder to heal. The boney tuberance of the heel spur is just the bone's attempt to shorten the fascia's tendency of to tear away but isn't the pain problem I've read. (In other words if the plantar fascia heals the bone isn't going to be a problem in most cases.)