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Re: They worked for me

Posted by Robin B. on 1/13/00 at 00:00 (014669)

I have been wearing Birks since December 1998 and am a devotee -- I now have 8 pairs of them (most bought on sale, fortunately). I have a Birkenstock store in my area so I am pretty lucky.

They are one of the few things to have helped me over the long term, so I highly recommend them now. Glad you too are finding them supportive, helpful shoes. I have been trying to knock out this PF condition since summer of 1998 -- and I am now at the point of again being able to walk just a little, a mile or so per day, which for me is real progress. I credit a lot of my improvement to Birkenstocks and expect I may be wearing them for the rest of my life -- which is okay by me. My feet feel terrible in other shoes where I don't have the Birkenstock support.