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"Dr Ho's Muscle Massage"

Posted by Susan D. on 1/13/00 at 00:00 (014718)

I was flipping channels one day and saw this on the 'Home Shopping Network', and it caught my attention. They were demonstrating this device which is very similar to what doctor's and physical therapists have used on my PF. I believe they call it EMS, or Electronic Muscle Stimulator. I have never bought ANYTHING from one of these shows except this, and thought I would share it with fellow PF sufferers, who like me, will try anything for relief. I cannot tell you how great it feels on my feet. Two little pads and a small battery operated little box about the size of a transister radio. Put one of the pads on each foot right where the PF pain is and turn the dial..the higher you dial (1 - 5) the more you feel. Caution... Don't do a 5 at first like I did. I got a cramp in my toes from the intensity of it. I find a three most comfortable for me. I can't tell you enough how good it feels and how good my feet feel after I use this gizmo... I'm using it now.. Just thought I'd share. By the way.. it cost $99.00 and worth every penny to me.