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"Toe Ups".... these boots are made for walking!....

Posted by dang dave on 1/13/00 at 00:00 (014720)

I am glad someone has given me the easy descriptive term for what I had been doing on the edge of the nosing of the stairs with my feet.... push ups for feet: Toe Ups....

About hiking shoes I agree Joan, My feet have always hurt since I was a teenager and hiking boots or shoes are my favorite relief and pleasure for my feet. My current favorites are Lowa brand high tops and low tops... (a German brand....) which are flexible but thick soled. I have tried Raichle (too stiff and I had a bad fit... too tight), Garmonts, and Merrells and all are better than average. It's an expensive bunch of boots. Sometimes though I wonder if some of the cheaper brands are just as good. all the shoes I've got are over the 100 dollar cost and a couple over 200 dollars. (my 7 yr old son swears by his cheap sneakers and hates the relatively expensive kid's hiking boots I got him). Your K-Swiss is a reputable brand. I haven't seen them around here though.... (in Vermont, one of the hiking centers of the world..)

I like Birkenstock sandals too but found I can only work in them even in the summer for only about a half day as they are too flat it seems.

hey, folks. I did a half day hike today using snowshoes, crampons, the works, in fairly cold and snowy conditions and my feet feel great after about 6 miles of fairly rigorous up and down hiking. (the snowshoes are actually maybe good for cushioning the feet with plantar fasciitis..) However, if I'd done 10 miles I wonder if I'd have a relapse..? (this gradual buildup of work on my feet is working so far... last week, hikes of only 1 to 2 and half miles, this week a couple of 3+ miles...)

also I still feel much better in my former worse foot, my left one, but which had the cortisone shot... and that shot and my conditioning seems to be working!! Toe Ups are Good esp.