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Birks May Fit Inside Larger Boots

Posted by Nancy S. on 1/14/00 at 00:00 (014764)

When I bought my Birks, there was an always-Birks-wearer in the store buying a pair of boots a size or two larger than she would usually wear. Her Birks fit right inside them. I have a pair of lined clunky boots I bought last year that were too big -- as soon as I dig my old footwear out of the closet, I'm going to try my Birks in those boots. You all might want to give it a try.
Just to weigh in on the weird snow situation this season, southern Maine has had some flurries and a dusting or two, but nothing stuck. We have had no snow yet on the ground. Everything remains brown. This happens to thrill me this particular year. Unheard of in my experience, here or anywhere else in the northeast.