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Re: wide soled shoes

Posted by joan on 1/14/00 at 00:00 (014767)

rosalind--i agree--a wide soled shoe i think would help a lot--i know that these boots i am having success with have wider soles than anything else i've worn--what the wide sole would do, i believe, is lessen the need for the foot to make minor balance adjustments throughtout the day, thereby lessening the strain and re-tearing (microtears) of the fascia. the foot is full of small (intrinsic) muscles which adapt continually to changes in the surface (uneven, bumpy, inclines, etc.) as we walk. the foot is a marvelous structure (don't shoot me everybody who currently hates their feet--i am talking philosophically here!) which has two main mechanisms of function--one is that it must act as a RIGID LEVER--that is, remain firm and immovable for the push-off phase of gait, and the second is that it must be a MOBILE ADAPTOR--that is, make all those intrinsic balance reactions that i alluded to above. i am wondering if these reactions play some part in re-injury. however, while my foot feels better when kept in the boots (i am in effect letting the boot itself replace the need for some of the active foot muscle adjustments), i do want to give my foot periods of exercise for these muscles for part of each day to keep these muscles toned--otherwise, they WILL surely suffer from disuse atrophy (getting smaller and weaker from non-use), and in the long term, this can not be helpful for either the pf or foot function in general. recovery from pf sure is a complicated and delicate commingling of several factors, with many false starts and stops until we each find a program that works for us. but i believe that most everyone can find some partial measure of ultimate relief by sticking with it. i am fortunately not suffering as badly as some, but compared to my previously very healthy state, this is a downer for me. but whenever i get really down, i just think of some children i know who have never walked and use electric wheelchairs to get around and their spirited verve for life and acceptance and moving on despite. and i think of the stuff i still CAN do. this is not to say that i ever discredit myself for getting the gloomies over this--sometimes it really p.o's me. that said, life is full of challenges and if this is to be one of mine, well, let me at it then. good luck to everyone and hve a great three day weekend!