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Posted by joan on 1/14/00 at 00:00 (014769)

Nancy--thanks for your response to my message and for your concern. i have had times where the barefoot did hurt me more (in the past). since the boot-wearing, the strangest thing is that my hour of barefoot does not bother me anymore (more than two and i am a boot candidate again though). so i do take it pretty cautiously. also, since i've been spending 12 hours a day in the boots and resting the footwork in this manner, my foot feels more evenly distributed when i place it bare on the floor. i am not sure if it is the rest or the fact that i no longer walk with a limp and by holding my foot in a cramped position to try to avoid the pain of every step. but the foot itself seems better aligned and more relaxed again. who the heck knows? this could take many months to know the real outcome. but thanks for your concern--i am truly cautios when barefoot and make sure not to move too quickly or strenuously.

p.s. to all--another encouraging thing--when i first got injured, i had 'plantar fibromatosis' (hard little knots) in the heel, as well as fat pad atrophy. direct weightbearing with a bare foot through the heel i would not do if you paid me $1000. pain such as that i have not felt before. now, two years later, the knots are gone (as of 15 months ago, and lo and behold! the fat pad has regenerated about 70% by my subjective estimate. i CAN painlessly weightbear through the heel again. i just wanted to include this to encourage us about the regenerative abilities of our bodies. that i've experienced this makes me more of a believer than healing can go on and on--if it takes years, well, better than not at all.