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1 week post-Ossatron

Posted by Janet on 1/15/00 at 00:00 (014775)

My treated heel is definitely more painful than the untreated one but bearable. The pain is like a bad stone bruise. I've not had to take any Tylenol though. I'm doing more walking now than before treatment because it is recommended in order to stretch out the fascia. I still have a funny little numb spot on my heel but it seems to be fading away. Dr. Galea's assistant said training on one of those eliptical trainers is okay so I've started working out on one. For those runners in the group who've had to give up running, ya'll might try this machine. The motion is extremely fluid and low impact. I'm only doing 5 minutes at a time but it doesn't seem to bother my condition. Not much else to report. I'll continue to post weekly.