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ankle braces

Posted by alan k on 1/16/00 at 00:00 (014814)

I have not found the first site in which I saw reviews of ankle braces, but I have found the products again. Note that I have not read any literature suggesting the use of ankle braces, or what kind of brace, for the treatment of tts or pf.

1. Malleotrain by Bauerfeind for $60 at orthobionics.com. This is reputed to be the best elastic compression ankle brace. My rehab doc recommended, without fanfare, an elastic brace. I got a $7 one from Futura which seems fine.

2. Malleoloc by Bauerfeind for $36.80 at TotalRelief.com. This is a heat-moldable plastic brace allowing full plantar and dorsiflex motion, with three velcro straps in figure eight, to stabilize the ankle. It may help with pronation but I don't know and my rehab doc did not specify this type of brace. One message poster, I think, has reported some mild benefit from a support brace of similar nature.

Note that tts is not indicated in the company literature for these products, and is rarely mentioned anywhere at all.

alan k