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Ossatron questions, for JohnW or whoever knows

Posted by Irene M on 1/18/00 at 00:00 (014872)


I have two questions regarding the Ossatron.

1. To me the principle of Ossatron sounds similar to that of Prolotherapy (also called Sclerotherapy or RT). Prolotherapy is a process where an irritating solution is injected into the affected area, in the hopes of re-injuring it and stimulating healing. You cannot take aspirin or any anti-inflams after Prolotherapy. The healing process takes several weeks. My question is, is it true that the Ossatron and Prolotherapy work on the same principle? And if so, would a prior failure with Prolotherapy indicate that I might not be a good candidate for the Ossatron?
2. If a posterior tibial nerve block fails to alleviate the foot pain even briefly, what does this mean? One doctor told me this means that the pain is not originating in the foot, and thus any treatment focusing on the foot (such as the Ossatron) is sure to fail. However, another said that this outcome of the nerve block indicates that the pain is not neurological in nature, but is likely pure plantar fasciitis, in which case the Ossatron might indeed be indicated. Can you explain these contradictions?

Thanks a lot.
Irene M