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sorry, but the pain is in your mind, not your foot

Posted by alan k on 1/18/00 at 00:00 (014886)

Sorry, the foot can't feel anything. Only sentient beings feel things and the foot is just a bunch of blood and bones.
That is why it is possible to make an adjustment in your heart on the order of what Melody is talking about. In fact, you are already doing it to some degree, otherwise you would just cry all the time and never stop. Melody probably has over the years worked it out somewhat more than us neophytes like Laurie and I, but not Rick.

The point is very important: the pain is in the mind and the sooner you realize that the easier it will be to make the adjustment in your mind. If you believe it is your foot then your pain management will be directed inefficiently.

This is just about pain. The condition of pf or tts is in the foot. That's another matter. I think this was Melody's point and it was definitely mine. I'm sorry if I seemed like I was disagreeing with Melody. I wasn't-- I just don't like the idea of mental-only cures to foot problems, especially if they come from people who don't believe I really have a physical condition. (my family, not melody-- she understands).

So all you others-- get on the boat! Your feet don't FEEL anything! The only thing that hurts is your heart. Deal with it there.

Yours truly and hypocritically,

mr. alan k