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wellll it works!!!

Posted by LJM(summertimeLJM) on 1/18/00 at 00:00 (014900)

Guess what? Last summer I tried to stay off my foot as much as possible for 3 months and I believe that this was the healing factor for me. I haven't healed up completely from PF in both feet but I have a remarkable difference from last year at this time. Last year I could hardly step without feeling like I was on nails and ripping every muscle and ligament. Now, after a year or so of doing all of the things mentioned here (well many - therapy, supplements, stretching, tons of icing, heat, anti-inflams, advil..crutches.. whatever..you name it..... ) I can make it through my work day with minimal discomfort. I'm careful to not stop and talk to anyone - if i need to I find a chair. I'm very very cautious. Last year at this time I saw no success in anything with PF and I was on my last bit of patience and last smidge of healthy noggin' cells. Resting works. I think PF, from what I've gone through.. needs to go through a cycle of being totally painful and excrutiating and just the worst, before it swings up to improve.. and the road to improvement is a lonnnnng one. I'd give my feet a solid 5.5 on a 1-10 scale. Yup, only a 5.5.. but sheesh, a 5.5 is way better than a zero. Good luck to you all.. It can be done. I don't suggest doing it with crutches though. All crutches did was put more strain on my presumed healthy foot which after months got PF.. so it goes..

a big round and round circle..

YOU CAN HEAL UP YOUR FEET!!!!!! All the medicine and medical advice will not help, unless you rest your feet.

Heal up and Take good care..

From Minnesota, warm thoughts.