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Posted by wendyn on 1/18/00 at 00:00 (014902)

This issue may have beaten to death already, but I have nothing better to do for the next 15 minutes so I am throwing my two cents in.

No one is denying that the pain of PF or TTS or anything else, is very very real. People who have not been through an experience like this, CANNOT understand what it's like to have pain every day...any more than you or I can understand what it's like to go through life unable to see.

That said, it's important to realize that even though there is pain - the perception and response to the pain can be changed. I think it was Alan who told his story about the smiling nun?

I go back to labor as an example - because it's something a lot of us can relate to, and it almost always causes significant pain. The medical profession (in their infinite wisdom) finally realized a few years ago that it was better to help women relax in labor - than to knock them out.

Expectant moms often spend a lot of time in mental preparation for the pain of childbirth. When the time comes, the pain is still there - but they are often able to relax and handle it better. That DOESN'T mean that the pain of labor is all in your head.

I would suspect that many people suffering from chronic pain find different ways of adapting to the pain and coping. I know that on the odd day where I find I have almost no pain - I almost feel like I'm in a daze - it's like my body doesn't feel quite normal anymore unless it's in some degree of pain. I still like those less-pain days though.

Not really too sure what my point is on this....just my rambling thoughts to ponder. The problem that you have is physical, but it's a mental problem with how to cope. The physical problem (in your foot) can also affect your mind (depression sound familiar?).

p.s Alan, I liked your comment a few days ago..something about you being the Grand Puba with the delicate feet...or something like that...cracked me up and sounded VERY familiar! Frailty...thy name is Wendy? ;)