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gentle consistant exercise is good for PF imo

Posted by dang dave on 1/19/00 at 00:00 (014907)

good to hear about your wife's getting, alan.

I am getting better day by day... but still have to watch that I don't overdo it. Did about 1.8 miles yesterday in the hills at about 5 to 6 mph. Didn't stop once for a walk and I am feeling great, but I note that a little pain is still there in my right foot this morning. I work the stiffness out with thumb and knuckle massage and then do some of the stretchs in the Stretching book by Bob Anderson. But just about any stretch will do, if it doesn't hurt. (I am like most people in finding stretching one of the most boring things ever...but I am learning to appreciate it.) But working the calf muscles at the back of the leg is esp. important again imo (in my opinion).

I try to focus on lifting my heels and using more of my forefoot when hiking or jogging. I feel the muscles of my lower leg getting stronger and conversely the heel pain floating away. (It's when I overdo it either at work or at play that the heel pain comes back.... so a gradual buildup of work and walking is necessary...)

Although did I ever mention that the first time my heel pain went away in the last 6 months until I did the cortisone shot and rested my feet during Christmas... was during a 3 day, 50 mile backpacking hike I did in Sept. Trouble is the rest of my body ached bad.... but my feet for some reason felt better after the first two days. But then after I returned to work, my feet's pf flaired up again maybe in a delayed reaction... but most likely from not getting adequate rest after stressing them.