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Yes. All good advice.

Posted by dang dave on 1/20/00 at 00:00 (014946)

Although I am not sure exactly what brought on PF: stress, too tight new shoes.. a pack with light shoes (July 4th, 99 was the day this bout started!!) and lack of conditioning with probably only doing rigorous activity on the weekends. I know that middle age brings on some atrophy. In fact I think 'strength building' may be found to be a more effective means of preventing PF than a lot of the stretching (one severe bout of PF this fall was exactly due to a too long stretch on a hike!!) . But in the meanwhile one has to let the damaged tissue heal. Probably gentle and gradual are the best adverbs or adjectives to apply here when dealing with PF.

Except be wary of Atrophy! (I am taking the day off 'running' today... as I know from bad experiences that the alternating of 'healing' and rebuilding days of rest are needed with any exercise beyond the usual. And I do feel just a twinge of something still in the right side of right foot so I am doing a few more stretches than usual and probably my first Ibuprophen in a week just to make sure nothing develops. --- and I sat at this computer more than I should have last night... A Big Cause of PF ime.

I suspect my days off work are helping too. But I did some rigorous work earlier this month and was getting better at avoiding the feet pain then. If I was working full time this week I might be singing a different tune.

gotta go get some firewook, read the paper, and go on a little ski lesson with my son... not too much work I hope. This time I am wearing my inserts. (I didn't with the trail shoes yesterday but wore my so far useless magnetic inserts... so that's maybe another reason for the tiny twinge in right foot...)