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Magnetic inserts: effective or not?????

Posted by dang dave on 1/20/00 at 00:00 (014947)

One of the other things I've tried was these magnetic foot pad inserts made by that Japanese American 'Amway' type of business Nikei or something... which so far I suspect are just a bunch of nonesense or a huge placebo effect.

Mine are fairly expensive and they have sort of stimulation bumps on them which maybe more effective than the a actual magnets inside the bumps. I add I've had 'em for about 2 years and when I encountered foot pain would try them for a week or so but the bumps would sometimes bug me and no noticable improvement came about. With this latest bout of severe PF I started giving them a more longer test period... and ended up only seeming to harm my expensive inserts and wearing the socks out.... they fit fine and the bumps sort of stimulate me positively... but I can't see any improvement due to the magnetic inserts... but keep hoping for that 'placebo effect'. They cost, I forget, somewhere from 40 to 90 dollars so I don't recommend them. My then 'mate' she bought an expensive magnetic mattress which seemed hard as a rock, and maybe facilitated that 'breakup' as I also got in a argument with the 'friend' salesperson when her 'discount' was hardly as agreed upon. The mattress was about 700 dollars and was nothing more than a built up frame with thin padding and few magnets sewn in..... and a nice Japanese type fabric cover... they are big on shiny fabrics. (I like Japanese culture and almost married a Japanese woman long ago... but also note that superstition is a characteristic of even modern Japanese culture... thus the magnetic thing... although some recent study gave a little proof it might work!!)

Any other experiences out there with 'magnetic' healing???