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running and PF..

Posted by dang dave on 1/21/00 at 00:00 (014975)

I am just using a little deduction about the white muscle cells being analogus to tendon and fascia cells... in that they are slow healing, anaerobic (not needing immediate oxygen supply), and can be damaged when already hurt, but otherwise 'tough' cells meant to take a great deal of punishment (if they are healthy).

Also, Running is good for the endurance and general well being and maybe for the Soul, but not necessarily for our Soles.

Ideally, PF should 'heal' at about the same rate as a ankle sprain, or other 'tendon' pain... however, severe tendon trauma often requires somesort of surgical help... But most PF should be on the level of 'ankle sprains' in time of healing.

Probably because very few of us take the time and trouble to treat our foot problems at their onset seriously as very painful ankle sprain (with the usual doctor's help: ace bandages, braces, x rays, even casts, and cortisone shot) we further damage our plantar fascia so it gets worse.

i take the advice from the 'conservative' posters here seriously as to taking care of our feet. Ease up on damaging behavior (in my case stiff shoes, heavy packs, 'walking through the pain' etc.) and treat any pain in the feet 'seriously' before it gets out of hand.

It seems Europeans with their seemingly long list of fine shoe and boot makers take a more serious 'preventative' stature (I am appreciative of the fit of all the Euro boots I've bought over the years...) and Birkenstocks !!! But since I often wear American brand (asian made of course) 'sneakers' I probably hurt my feet with long bouts of standing at jobs and not having good arch support (except for the hiking boots I occasionally wore..) INSERTs too help (if they fit well). Don't get me wrong, I like some American brands (Merrell boots for instance..)

I almost think that Shoe Salesmen should be Licensed and professionalized. Probably they have a bigger effect upon our public's health and well being than they ever realize.

Another deduction: hold off on the ibuprofen and aspirin tabs until the pain is really serious. Early inflammation is a natural part of the healing process... but like many parts of the healing process inflammation can go overboard... like nasal congestion.

BTW, my little bit of skiing today didn't hurt but I wanted to keep a watch on that incipent pain in the right foot, I can feel that onset of PF could easily return if I don't let the fascia heal as well as strengthen (but without developing Too Much Scar Tissue - another issue that perhaps the most severe cases amongst use probably are afflicted with --- including Long Heel Spurs... {I am crossing fingers the shortish ones like mine, will not be serious in the long run..})

My fitness trainer friend says repeatedly PF takes a good deal of time to heal. Not to overdo the recuperation. Even the dog today didn't get much of a walk as a result.