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Update om my mothers feet problems

Posted by Roelinde on 1/21/00 at 00:00 (014984)

My mother has now received 5 or 6 (I can't exactly remember, I've lost track...) treatments with the Reflectron (similar to Ossatron, but less intensive treatments), each with several months in between. She is slowly, slowly getting better, and is now better than she ever has been since she developed plantar fibromatosis (which is her diagnosis, although in the beginning it was thought she had PF). She still uses the wheelchair, for longer stays outside. But basically she walks most of the time, and is getting in a much better condition again. The 'hard' spots she felt on the bottom of her feet have now almost disappeared, and the shape of her feet are now almost back to normal. So all in all, this Reflectron treatment (although a long process) has been very successful for her and she has good hopes of recovering even more. She has had very good support and help from her orthopedic shoe-maker, who doesn't mind changing something to her shoes every two weeks.

Well, this was an update om my mothers feet. If you want to know more about what has happened to her, I suppose you could do a search on my name (Roelinde) and you will find my earlier posts.

Good luck to everyone!