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Re: congratulations to you

Posted by Robin B. on 1/23/00 at 00:00 (015029)

Andrea, I remember you from months ago and how you had to stop running because of PF. I was wondering what had happened to you and where you were.

I am delighted for your recovery and success story. It's truly inspiring and I am glad you posted it. I haven't had quite the success you have had, but I am about 60% better than I was a year ago. Back then, like you, everything was a toss-up: If I went grocery shopping, then I didn't vacuum; if I went to the library, then I didn't do anything else all day on my feet. I was a 4-5 mile per day walker -- who didn't, thanks to PF.

I'm getting there, slowly but slowly. I have begun walking again, 1 mile at a time, twice per day. It sure isn't 'training,' but it's wonderful just the same.

I agree with you that 'success story' people need to post -- especially those who figured (as I once did, and I am sure you once did too) that we would NEVER EVER get any better and that the pain would continue forever and a day.

Congratulations on your recovery and return to a more normal and fulfilling lifestyle! You (and everyone here) deserves it.