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One more thing, Alan

Posted by Nancy S. on 1/23/00 at 00:00 (015031)

After referring me to the useless podiatrist I saw, my PCP kind of washed her hands of my foot case, 'leaving it to him,' as she put it. I didn't question this until my podiatrist scheduled me for surgery and then I found this site, canceled the surgery, and you know the rest. Then when I found this osteopath I wanted to see, I was told it would be next to impossible to get a referral from my PCP. However, I approached her anyway, and without using pejorative terms (though I was thinking them), I told her straightforwardly of the treatment -- or lack thereof -- that the podiatrist had put me through. I told her all of the things I had learned he should have tried and didn't (and I kept my source vague, as Wendy suggests) -- and she seemed rather taken aback, and I got the referral (not that I can tell if it's going to do me any good). Since I think you've had a similar experience with your podiatrist -- lack of interest, etc. -- I think your PCP should know this, not only for your sake but also for the sake of others who might get sent to that particular podiatrist. Emphasize that you, like many others, have an atypical case and need more than the usual ho-hum same-method approach used by many (most?) podiatrists. Insist on it -- we're not talking about a hangnail here. Again, good luck, tell us what happens. Will be thinking about you -- Nancy