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Re: Nancy: back to you Alan

Posted by Nancy S. on 1/27/00 at 00:00 (015172)

Uh oh. What do you mean by strengthening? I'm stretching, but do you mean toe scrunches and other things? I'm not doing much else, except that my post may have sounded as if I'm hardly walking at all, and I'm not really quite that sedentary. I actually walk quite a bit around the house and my barn, but just not for long periods. Every day I mean to start swimming, which I feel sure is going to be good, but I haven't made it there yet. Even though the water at this particular pool is warm, I can't bring myself to go get wet when it's zero outside. I will though! And I'll be on here raving about it, no doubt!
Oh yes, most definitely, I belong to the zero-advice-from-podiatrist club. He never once told me to stay off my feet, not work so hard, rest the foot, etc. I'd go in there in agony, and he never sat me down and told me what I should be doing -- or not doing -- between appointments. Did I think this was normal? I guess so! And unfortunately, I'm afraid it is for many of them. Like Robin said, it had better be the usual problem, and here is my usual treatment, and now I'll collect my money thank you. I'm learning so much about the medical world from this 'little' problem that my head is spinning and probably will for a long time to come. --Nancy