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Posted by PHIL L on 1/28/00 at 00:00 (015209)

Well some of you are right and others are wronge,i am not right in the
head and with prozac i am seeing improvements.

No i am not divorced and i hope she is not sleeping with anyone from
Ossatron,But i might get treatments that way.? we have been together
for 17 years if you care enough to bring up my marriage.

Yes i am bitter at institute for sports medicine because they
never returned calls,ect.ect..

Yes i might consider free treatments if it would help prove
a point.

yes i am going broke do to my foot problems and can't afford it

Yes i can't spell and message boards don't have spell ck.

No i am not a rocket scientist,

Yes i am just a average working man or women here for help from
Scott and others.

And if it makes some of you feel better go ahead and put me down
to make yourself look good.

i never made remarks of spelling ect,and i have seen plenty,
i have never put down anyone here just my skeptism of Ossatton

God Bless..