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for scott.....complications have set in ..has anyone had this before

Posted by caryne on 1/29/00 at 00:00 (015246)

I know I said I thought I was getting better and that after all the treatments,including 11 weeks in a cam-walker, and currently in orthodics the heel pain (never did completely go away) seems to be flareing up again..well, Mri and other x-rays show I have a big cyst or lesion now on the heel and have to have surgury. Dr. not sure I even had plantar fasciitis ..I assured him I did in the the beginning way last Jan. I guess this thing just kept getting worse and worse and now they have to go in and do bone work. Has anyone else had this problem? Not thrilled with the prospect of surgury but Dr. says it really needs to be done and I respect this Dr. alot.( this is my 2nd pod. so he's not at fault for not following through with earlier bone scans).