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I just received and email at home from PhilL and I am printing my response....

Posted by jennh on 1/29/00 at 00:00 (015253)

PhilL wrote:

My response:

well I don't. I think you are rude. You have zero compassion. Especially for
the people who give every treatment an honest effort. You are too quick to
assume something is wrong or someone is paying someone to say certain
things. If you have been on the board long enough you would see the pain and
suffering that most of us have gone through. Obviously some treatments will
work for others and some won't.

And besides, if you've got a problem shelling out money for the ossatron,
then just wait for it to come to the states and wait for your insurance to
pick it up. WHat's the big deal. But I'm really offended when you make false
statements about me. Like I said, if you have been on the board long enough,
then you would have known that I paid for my own treatment. I have had this
for 3 years and didn't want to wait. That's why I shelled out my own money.

So do me a favor and leave me alone.