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Simple screening test

Posted by johnw on 1/29/00 at 00:00 (015278)

Dr. Schaden, Vienna, Austria, who is probably the best orthotripsy MD in the world has a simple screening procedure.

For everyone who has had a cortisone injection, or local anesthetic at the primary pf site - which i believe most of you have. If you received a temporary benefit - even hours, you are probably an ossatron candidate. If you did not benefit, he suspects nerve entrapment and further test such as ultrasound. Let me stress- that even Dr. Schaden who screens all his patients for pf and is the best Dr. in the world is only successful 75 - 80%. He also sedates all of his patients and delivers higher energies and more shocks. Our corporate goal is to understand the failures.Our current thinking is that we must treat the failures as having an underlying bone problem such as a stress fracture or necrotic bone. Our typical treatment parameters of 18kv and 1500 shocks is probably not enough energy to revascularize the bony tissue. We are still learning.