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Picking the 8

Posted by Scott R on 1/29/00 at 00:00 (015283)

Assuming that this pans out ...
I assume airplane tickets and hotel are not included.

Those interested in getting the Ossatron treatments should fill out the Database questionnaire if you haven't done so already. Then email me at scott @ heelspurs.com that you're interested and give me the codename you used in the database. I'll forward the data collected to JohnW and he can forward it to Dr. G. They can pick based on what will serve their purposes. They may have other screening questions that could be emailed to everybody (or made into a web page form).

We may consider a conference call at excite.com using the voice chat web page at some time.

I have not yet decided 'no' for me for the Ossatron, but I may like to travel for fun. I haven't been able to return Dr. Gordon's call and also have been waiting to see how I progress now that I have incintive to hurry up and do the things I should be doing.

I can't block Phil because he's AOL. Many would be blocked. To Phil: don't post more than once a day. Others were bad by violating the agreement on the submit button: bashing Phil was 'not about foot pain'. Remember, silence is best in those situations.