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Feb 22 target date with Dr. Gordon

Posted by johnw on 1/31/00 at 00:00 (015325)

John, I agree, this sample will mean nothing. It is also vital that the selection be handled fairly. I will not be involved. From this point forward it will be between Dr. Gordon and his patients. It just so happens that someone will be reimbursing Dr. Gordon for his time.

Quite frankly, I will be surprised if more than 8 people qualify who are willing to travel toronto at their own expense Maybe I will be surprised. A flight and a room for one night is still quite expensive. I am hoping Scott will take an active role and perhaps agree to be treated. The best thing about this offer is it should allow for a lengthy discussion by those selected. The dialogue should be good. Dr. Gordon has agreed to join us for dinner the night before and discuss his experiences at length.

I will be pleased if only one long term sufferer benefits. I will be surprised if the number is'nt larger. What could I have said so that some members would not be suspicious? I hope this opportunity is mutually beneficial and rewarding. The best thing about participating in this industry is meeting and knowing the people who you have helped. Believe it or not.