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Thanks BJC

Posted by Annal on 2/02/00 at 00:00 (015400)

Thanks for replying to my message. This is the first time I have used this site and I was a bit unsure of what response I would get.
It is a relief to hear that somebody else has a simlar problem to me. I hate having to walk anywhere but because I am a student I end up walking everywhere this is becoming a real problem.
I already use the heat pad you suggested which gives me some relief which is good. I didn't know that ice could be used as well so thank you I will try that.
I was reading an article yesturday which suggested soaking the feet with eucaliptus or pine oil so that might be good as well. I have often found that soaking helped but it's not always practicle in daily life to fit in soaking. I am also fidning I need about 2hrs sitting down after doing anything which makes me sound really lazy. I always feel that because the condition is invisible to the naked eye people think that I making it up and just attnetion seeking. This is not the case. I thought That I was the only person with the problem but finding so many poeple really stops me feeling so alone.

Thanks one again.